Evocative Storytelling Artworks

R O B E R T  W E N T E  A R T W O R K S


Mr. Wente is an artist, designer and creative thinker. He is a maker of emotionally evocative storytelling artworks and lives in Portland Oregon. Mr. Wente was born in Washington D.C. and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Mr. Wente is inspired by creativity that conveys a story… People who see, do and express inspiration, as well as, imagery that presents a narrative. 



Mr. Wente’s paintings take place at the intersection of experimental abstract painting with imagination. Mr. Wente says, “the idea of watercolors flowing together fluidly in organic, yet unexpected ways is desirable. I then look at the abstraction and imagine the story within. I use my experience in graphic symbol design to add a detail shape that gives the viewer a hint at what story is taking place within the imagery.”



A larger portfolio of his work is available upon request. His artworks are currently available for sale and showings. 

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