Evocative Storytelling Artworks

R O B E R T  W E N T E  A R T W O R K S


Mr. Wente is an artist, designer and creative thinker. After a 20+ year career as an Exhibit Designer, Architectural Signage Designer and Graphic Designer he has made a life shift to focus on his arts. He is a maker of emotionally evocative storytelling artworks, lives in Portland Oregon and works as a full time fine artist. Mr. Wente was born in Washington D.C. and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Mr. Wente is inspired by creativity that conveys a story… People who see, do and express inspiration, as well as, imagery that presents a narrative. 



Mr. Wente’s paintings take place at the intersection of experimental abstract painting with imagination. Mr. Wente says, “the idea of watercolors flowing together fluidly in organic, yet unexpected ways is desirable. I then look at the abstraction and imagine the story within. I use my experience in graphic symbol design to add a detail shape that gives the viewer a hint at what story is taking place within the imagery.”



Mr. Wente desires to collaborate with an Art Agent and or Art Gallery for commission based representation, sales and showings. He is available for commissions and public art installations. A larger portfolio of his work is available upon request. His artworks are currently available for sale and showings. 

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